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Taste Of Dust: Raise The Temple

The Brooklyn Mirage - 140 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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&So we return for the second annual 'Taste Of Dust'! We're pleased to announce that on Saturday August 12th we gather to support the build of the 18th Incarnation of The Burning Man Temple. It's with great pleasure to call The Brooklyn Mirage our home for us to transform into a temporary oasis in preparation for the burn. Large immersive art, world class djs and so much more to be announced! A large amount of the proceeds will be donated to The Temple 2017.The Temple:The Temple is one of the main gathering places during Burning Man. With this year's theme being Radical Ritual and with multiple temple projects being built on playa, this year more than ever the Temple will be at the center of the event. Thousands upon thousands of people walk and sit either alone or with their closest friends as they leave hand-scribed messages, photographs, poems and deeply connected personal items behind. The Temple holds this honor for all to mourn, grieve, and even celebrate significant milestones in their lives.

The Temple is a place of refuge, mourning, and healing. The burn on the final night is a solemn ritual; a cleansing, a rite of passage, a pyre. The Temple project is central to Burning Man – it is built by and for the community. The power of the Temple comes from the energy, dedication, and devotion that is built into it by its contributors (in building and in offerings). Join us and help continue this tradition of healing.

The form of the Temple begins with life out of balance. Throughout the Sierra Nevada, species of pine trees are dying, compromised by a bark beetle which has proliferated due to human interruption of the cycle of forest fires and climate change. The timber from these trees, donated to our project, harvested and milled, becomes the raw material that will raise your Temple.

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Early Bird tickets on sale on Tuesday June 27th at Noon via Resident Advisor and Dance Tonight.

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140 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States (Get Directions)